62 Year Old Man Held For Desecrating 18 Places of Worship in Mangalore: Read The Story Behind This

62 Year Old Man Held For Desecrating 18 Places of Worship in Mangalore: Read The Story Behind This

A 62-year-old man has been arrested on December 29, Wednesday for desecrating 18 places of worship in Mangalore city. Police commissioner N Shashi Kumar informed that he has asked the concerned people to certify his mental fitness. The accused says that his intention was to convey to the public that Daivas do not have spiritual power.

Accused Devdas Desai, hailing from Unkal in Hubballi and residing in Kotekar, was arrested based on CCTV footage obtained after the Koragajja shrine in Marnamikatta was found to be desecrated on Tuesday. Devdas Desai after being deserted by his wife and daughter, used to drive auto-rickshaw earlier. Later he bought a house at K C Road in 2006 and was living alone. As he did not have proper livelihood, he used to pick scrap paper box etc and selling the same in order to earn his livelihood.

He confessed of dropping condoms and derogatory writings at 18 places of worship which included Marnamikatta Koragajja Katte, Babugudde Koragajja offertory box, Kondana Daivasthana, Mangaladevi temple, offertory box near auto-rickshaw park of Kadri temple, Kallurti temple near Omega Hospital Pumpwell, offertory box of masjid near Ullala Darga, Kallapu Nagana Katte, Kallurti Daivasthana at Kottara Chowki, offertory box of Urwa Marigudi temple, Kuthar Koragajja Katte, Kudupu Daivasthana, Ullal Koragajja offertory box, Nandigudde Koragajja gudi, Darga near A B Shetty Circle, Sikh Gurudwara Shrine at Bangrakulur, Kota Sri Babbu Swamy Daivasthana at Mankystand and Adi Maheshwari Bhajana Mandali offertory box at Mahakalipadpu Jeppu. He used to place objectionable items in the offertory boxes of Daivasthanas as well as putting derogatory letters.

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