Did You Know That Mangalore Now Has Its Own Stock Exchange Based Bar?

Did You Know That Mangalore Now Has Its Own Stock Exchange Based Bar?

February 13: G-xchange : Mangalore’s first concept on the lines of stock exchange

What is G-xchange?
The G-xchange offers changes in the liquor prices based on real time demand.
How does it work?
The patrons can view every change in the price of drinks based on the demand, on a monitor placed at vantage places at G-xchange for the patrons to view the price of each drink they gulp down.
When does G-xchange work?
Every Thursday all day long the G xchange turns into a beehive of activity.
Being the first of its kind built on the stock exchange model the G-xchange makes it sure that every patron gets the best deal.
Any other deal?
Some features like the market crash due to less demand of a particular type of liquor. Those who stick to their brands of their preference need not worry as the prices may not fluctuate more and many times they might even get their favourite drink at a cheaper price much like the stocks in the market.
What should one observe?
Patrons must observe that on the screen will be three-level of prices of the liquor indicated by arrows in White, red and Green. The prices in white denotes the current offer price, Red denotes the highest price of a particular drink of the day and the Green denotes the lowest price. Patrons will be charged for the offer price that is in white at that point in time.
How does the customer get to know about drop in price?
Just like the market the prices of each type and brand of the liquor will be changing dynamically and a market crash is indicated by an internal siren triggered by the circuit breaker.
Any best deal?
The G-xchange model is best utilised in bulk buying, the movement of the prices depends on the demand on a particular type of liquor and their brands. The liquor at G xchange also offers liquor at unbeatable prices for a lounge that is also unbeatable in decorum, The fun of tracking liquor prices and co-ordinating with the staff there about the ups and downs of the prices.
What should we watch out for?
Must also keep a watch on the Green colour arrow. If the green arrow points downwards that means the prices are going to crash shortly and might be available for cheaper prices for the patrons. So it is indeed White, Red and the Green colour price bands that will guide the customers to choose their drinks if they want to linger little longer in the lounge.
For trade enquiries
Call: 9378 007 007

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