Food Colours & Additives- Why Do They Matter?? Click To Know

Food Colours & Additives- Why Do They Matter?? Click To Know

March 14: A lot has been spoken about food colours & additives and their impact on our health. As a mother of two school going children, the concerns are even more when kids get attracted to specific brands and you end up reading the labels on each pack to check for harmful additives. Food colours and additives used in the product are usually number codes and unless you are an expert or refer to Google you don’t get a basic idea of what these are. I wonder how many of us know that E100 is nothing but turmeric (curcuma).

Good food with bright/ attractive colours and flavours play on or rather awakens our sense of sight, smell and taste by making it look more attractive. Food additives are used to improve the aroma, consistency, colour, taste, texture and/or the shelf life of food products. They may also be used to intensify the natural colour of certain food products. For instance, Red#40 is commonly used in strawberry candies/beverages to substitute for the real fruit. Again did you know that some artificial food dyes were sourced from petroleum byproducts? Also there have been some studies that reveal that attention deficit / hyperactivity disorders, behavioural problems, aggressiveness, sleeping disorders etc. seen in children are often associated with the food additives they consume though not much has been confirmed on it as yet.
So as a parent, every other moment I need to make a decision and I know there are thousands out there like me who struggle to decide what is best for their family. Thankfully today food colours and additives are strictly studied, regulated and monitored. We also have a lot of natural ingredients derived from natural sources (such as beets provide beet powder for food colouring) that are being used. So with the abundance in availability of packed /readymade food that has become more or less a necessity of our fast paced lives, comes greater responsibility of ensuring that what we serve on the table is safe for our loved ones.
Here at Kochuadukkala, we consider it as our moral responsibility to ensure that all our food items are free of any colours or additives without compensating on the taste and quality of the food. Now you can be assured that you are treating your family to one of the best Kerala food options that are free of added colours or preservatives.

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