Good News to Tulu Enthusiasts – Here is a Keyboard in Tulu Script: Check Out

Good News to Tulu Enthusiasts – Here is a Keyboard in Tulu Script: Check Out

October 30: Bangalore-based firm Ka-Naada having a team of Tulu enthusiasts has recently launched a full-fledged Tulu keyboard. B V K Shastry, Guruprasad and Orlondo are the primary brains behind the project. The team has come up with a USB-compatible Tulu keyboard that is used to type the Tulu language in Tulu script itself. The keyboard contains vowels and consonants in Tulu and numbers, symbols and other special characters as in a regular keyboard.

The organisation has been working on a patented keyboard layout design – also titled Ka-Naada – for languages based on Brahmi, Odiya and Gurmukhi scripts as well as for Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati and Telugu languages.
Guruprasad who is a native of Udupi said that the inspiration to design a keyboard in Tulu script was taken from singer Vidyabhushana. Guruprasad witnessed the former pontiff-turned-musician signing in the Tulu script. He later discovered that the pontiffs of the Udupi Ashta Mutts too sign in the Tulu script. Guruprasad also mentioned that this project began with an extensive research work during which they  found that there were a lot of varieties in the interpretation of the Tulu script. In order to make it compatible for computer usage, there was a need to come up with a Tulu font.
The Tulu font ‘Tulushree’ was designed with the guidance of K P Rao and other experts, and help from Nikshith Rao and Nishkal Rao, students of the Sharada Vidyalaya.The Malayalam font was used as a base to design the Tulu font, he said.

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