Ideal Icecream Founder Pabba Maam’s Son Mukund Kamath Pens Down an Emotional Tribute to His Late Father

Ideal Icecream Founder Pabba Maam’s Son Mukund Kamath Pens Down an Emotional Tribute to His Late Father

Mangaloreans favourite Ideal Icecreams Founder Pabba Maam passed away on November 6, Saturday. His son Mukund Kamath has penned down an emotional tribute his Late Father mentioning his journey as Father, Entrepreneur and a Successful Businessman on Facebook which is definitely an inspiration.

Mukund Kamath wrote “6th November 2021 marked the end of an era, an era that brought our city of Mangalore to limelight at the national level. My father, Sri Shibrur Prabhakar Kamath, breathed his last at 3:30 AM. He was a wonderful Husband, Father, Father-in-law and a doting Grandfather. I consider him as my Guru, Friend, Philosopher and Mentor. He imbibed in my sisters and me, the principles that he deeply believed in – simplicity, empathy, dedication and hard work. His constant guidance at every point in our lives shaped us well and made what we are today! My father was a warrior at heart. At a tender age of 17 the responsibility of taking care of his siblings was on his shoulders. A man who wanted to build a career in the city of Mumbai was forced by destiny to return to Mangalore and transform into an entrepreneur. This was one turning point that would later pave way for formation of Ideal Ice Cream.


To begin with, he was into a business of tailoring materials, with a seasonal business of firecrackers during the Deepavali season. Unpredictability of this business led to his foray into the world of ice creams through Ideal Traders Cream Parlor. His focus on serving Ice creams with good quality and taste at prices affordable to the masses led to immense popularity within a short time. Rest, as all of you know is history. Factors that contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and more so as a human being are numerous. He was a simple man who walked the talk and led by example. If he set a rule for the organization, that rule applied to him as well without any exceptions. He had an amazing level of clarity of thoughts and decision-making skills. These traits, coupled with leadership abilities set him a class apart. Many religious and social initiatives he was involved with, benefitted because of his exemplary qualities! Even at 79 years of age, his enthusiasm was an inspiration to the youngsters. Once Pabba’s Ideal Café opened in Bharath Mall, he spent most of his time in this establishment. He personally attended to customers, even opening doors for them. Many customers were elated to meet the legend behind Ideal’s and thronged to take selfies with him. Even on that fateful day he was active in the Café, and decided to walk back home, where he met with an unfortunate accident. Despite the odds stacked against him, he fought till the last moment. Even though the prognosis was bad from the very beginning, all of us prayed fervently that he would fight back and emerge victorious in the battle. But that was not to be. Destiny prevailed.


He will definitely be missed; the void caused by his departure will never be filled. But I strongly believe he will continue to live in the hearts of the innumerable people whose lives he has touched positively. I want to thank the doctors Dr. Muralidhar Pai, Dr. Rammoorthi Rao, Dr. Damodhar Shenoy, Dr. Narasimha Pai, other doctors, nursing staff and non-nursing staff of KMC Hospital, Ambedkar Circle, Mangalore for all their unstinting efforts and support throughout the period of his treatment. Also, my sincere note of gratitude to all the family members, friends and well-wishers who were a constant support with their presence and prayers. All of you are the blessings in our lives, and your Pabba maam would certainly appreciate your continued good wishes towards the Ideal family. Thank You again!”

After reading this, we must say that his journey is definitely inspiring for many of us.

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