In Love With Biryani? Here’s All You Need To Know About Mangalore’s New Cloud Kitchen “Dumpukht!!

In Love With Biryani? Here’s All You Need To Know About Mangalore’s New Cloud Kitchen “Dumpukht!!

A new era in Biriyani has just opened in the coastal city. Mangalore’s own Tandoor Restaurant has begun dishing out a number of variants of ethnic Biriyanis from all corners of India. Fondly called Dum Pukht (means slow cooking in a sealed container) is the traditional way of making extremely tasty and aromatic Biriyanis.

Dum Pukht- This popular cooking method goes back for hundreds of years. In this way of cooking the meat -could be lamb or Chicken cooks in its own juices without or with little water. The lid on the special Biriyani pot is sealed with dough tightly enabling the rice, spices and the meat cook together inside the pot over a slow flame. The multi layered combination of meat, rice and gravy is well assimilated when it is ready to be served. Tandoor restaurant has mastered this technique in its cloud and delivery kitchens. More than Ten varieties of Dum Pukht premium Biriyanis will start rolling out shortly from Tandoor. They are freshly cooked and delivered in 60 minutes packed in ethnic packing material.
Dumpukht matka serves 3, Dumpukht mehfil buckets serves 8 and
Dum pukht royal king box serves one person.

Here are the wide ranges of Biryani:

Royal dum biryani , Hyderabadi biriyani , Kolkata biriyani. , Lucknowi biriyani , Malabari/thalecerry biriyani , Goan biryani , malwani biryani and few more are on the cards.

To Order, Call 9880160160

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