Mangalore Airport Makes Changes In Domestic Pre-Embarkation Security Check: Great Move

Mangalore Airport Makes Changes In Domestic Pre-Embarkation Security Check: Great Move

Mangalore International Airport (MIA) has made some changes in its domestic pre-embarkation security check (PESC) area for the convenience of passengers and to strengthen the efficiency and turnaround time of the security processing by aviation support group (ASG) of the CISF.

The reoriented arrangement of the security hold area (SHA) features four door-frame metal detectors (DFMDs) with baggage screening machines on either side for passenger movement. The first and the last DFMDs are reserved for male passengers, while the two DFMDs in the middle are exclusively for women passengers, who proceed ahead into the closed frisking booth.

This arrangement is particularly beneficial for senior citizen passengers and those with reduced mobility to be reunited with their accompanying co-passengers after the mandated frisking process. The ASG personnel operate both baggage screening machines. On-ground security teams further guide passengers with directions to enter the SHA in a systematic manner, a release from the airport said on Friday, September 16.

The on-ground security team assist ASG personnel screen the passengers and usher them into the SHA waiting area. Additional preparation tables are available with extra trays for passengers to deposit their belongings, which the ASG personnel then screen. The airport has installed new e-gates prior to the PESC area which allows passengers to scan the barcode on their ticket and enter the area.

The addition of baggage rollers to the baggage screening machines further helps in ensuring faster turnaround of screened passenger baggage. Passengers now enjoy ample space in the pre- and post-PESC area for a seamless check-in. The on-ground security teams add to the seamless process by guiding the passengers on the steps they need to follow once in the SHA for easy processing, the release added.

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