Mangalore It’s Time For LUNGI Dance! Click to Know More

Mangalore It’s Time For LUNGI Dance! Click to Know More

Mangalore It’s Time For LUNGI Dance!
No! This isn’t the Chennai express song I’m referring to but the recent Kannada movie LUNGI. Lungi is a story of a good for nothing fellow (atleast that’s how he’s referred in the movie) and how he goes by instincts to become successful in his life.
Debutante Pranav Hegde as Rakshith in the movie has displayed a plethora of emotions from making us laugh, to sympathising him, has emoted a range of emotions from anger, love, sadness and joy. No his entry is not in a BMW car, wearing suit & glares nor does he fight with villains, our Lungi hero is unlike any other. He is a waste body, (atleast that’s how he is called) but that doesn’t stop him from being successful.

It’s about how Rakshith accidentally chances upon an idea and works towards it with passion. And how he does this becomes the rest of the part of the story post interval.
From reference to Yakshagana, Hampankatta, bakers treat, Central market, beaches, coconut trees the film captures the essence of Mangalore beautifully. The story is humourous, it’s romantic, it’s tragic and it has a happy ending too just like our lives.
It’s overwhelming too see fish curry, brown rice, padangi (green gram), semige , buns etc on screen unlike sajjige, rice & rasam shown in most Kannada movies. The scraping of the fish scales, the hero trying his hand at fishing, gujdi angadi (scrap shops) is do relatable to any Mangalorean.
The debut director duo have done a commendable job by showing life as it is. The caste issue is also cleverly handled showing how harmonius the three major religions are in this belt of coastal Karnataka. The unrequited love has more to do with miscommunication than with caste, the directors have played safe without delving too much into this.
Every character has performed well from the father, grandmother, teacher, his love interest and his wife. It’s hard to say that the leads are first timers. The father stands out for his brilliant performance of portraying a strict yet loving father.
There’s lot of dailiness to the film. Not too much of make up, no glamour, not many songs, no fight sequences. Lungi is a slice of life! While the first half establishes the hero, the second half shows how he achieves his dreams. Watch it for its light hearted and almost like a story from the next door.

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