Mangaloreans! Get Ready To Celebrate A Holi You Will Always Remember

Mangaloreans! Get Ready To Celebrate A Holi You Will Always Remember

Holy..! Holi. In a melange of hues!
This will be a Holi Mangalore city will remember for years to come. For it is not only colours that go up in a cloud but also a collage of elements that will soar your spirits. This innovative group of people ‘Stonebridge entertainment’ has made it feature-rich than just colours, they have added features into this event to be held on 1 March at ‘City Beech’ in Bolar which is a riverside location, that will be an experience to remember!

Riverfronts are always fun places, imagine what would be the level of fun when there are colours of Holi to match with sparkling waters of the river and clean river banks. But that’s not all, there will be a food court with lip-smacking range of food and a bar that is well stocked, and while at it they can shop for dresses all features well stocked to cater to the tastes of the Holi revellers. Not to mention DJ music, not one, but three of them, ready to take your pleasure to a new level and also play your requests.
But there is also more! A troupe of ‘Dhol’ (traditional percussionists) add that boom to the Holi to reverberate the spirit of Holi in a traditional way. Though the rainy season is far behind us and the next showers likely to happen much after Holi, the event on the City Beach will have a rain dance where the partakers will be treated to a ‘rain dance’. But again rain or no rain Holi is a festival when it is not just coloured powders that are in the air but also it is a time to get drenched in the coloured water. All this is arranged on 1 March. The organisers have stocked only organic colours for the event, so throw your cares to the winds and enjoy the greatest Holi of your times. And for those who have dancing feet can make this a special event for themselves and to others by expending their last pinch of dancing talents. Trust us the music and the decoratives will be awesome, but awesome is the not the word, just be there lest you want to repent later. (eom)
Event details;
Early bird offer: Rs. 400
March 1st 2020
11 am onwards
City Beach Bolar
For details contact:
+91 8147848831

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