Mangalore’s Needy App Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Mangalore’s Needy App Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Needy App celebrates its first anniversary:
Launched on 23rd October 2020 the Needy app is popular amount citizen of Mangalore city is celebrating its 1st year anniversary. Food, Grocery, Medicine, Chicken, meat etc are some of the services needy offers. With thousands of users in Mangalore, Needy has become has rose to fame with its 60 minutes delivery service.

Speaking to media the founder and CEO said that Needy is working on increasing its services by on boarding more merchants on their platform giving which will enable the local businesses to go online while reducing the delivery time to 45 minutes or lesser which will give customer ease and value. Needy thanks its merchants and delivery team for their hard work, dedication and commitment to give the best to the customers.

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