Swacch Mangalore Volunteers Visit Pacchanady Area

Swacch Mangalore Volunteers Visit Pacchanady Area

August 26: About 30 volunteers of Swacch Mangalore team along with Swami Ekagamyanandaji of Ramakrishna Mission visited the Pacchanady Dumping yard and  solid waste management equipment on Sunday, August 25. They visited the place to study the ground reality and to understand the gravity of the situation.
At present the waste is flowing submerged parts of  Mandara village leveling acres of lush green gardens and several houses. They also discussed several measures to be taken to prevent repeating such blunders.  accompanied the volunteers to the spot.
The Shramadan was carried out in Kavoor  area. Volunteers were divided into four teams. Sudhakar Kavoor led a  group of volunteers in removing heaps of garbage on the road leading towards Kavoor junction.

The surrounding area was levelled. Another team of volunteers cleared a dump spot  on the road leading towards Kuloor from Gandhinagar. Weeds, overgrown grass was also cut and using JCB, the spot was levelled. At both the spots decorative flower plants were placed to dissuade the public from littering further. Third team of volunteers cleaned the Gandhinagar Bus Stand and repainted it. Yekkur Bus Shelter was cleaned and they even painted the seats  beautifying the spot.

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