The Lifestyle Tyohaar: Mangalore’s Biggest Festive Shopping Destination is Here!!!

The Lifestyle Tyohaar: Mangalore’s Biggest Festive Shopping Destination is Here!!!

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled festive and wedding shopping as Vertex Lounge proudly presents ‘The Lifestyle Tyohaar.’ Running from October 13th to October 29th, this event promises to redefine your shopping experience and take it to new heights.

  • Unbeatable Discounts and Deals

The event boasts an irresistible array of discounts, deals, and sales on a wide range of products. From clothing and accessories to bags, sandals, and more, all your favorite brands from Mangalore will be part of this extravaganza. At ‘The Lifestyle Tyohaar,’ you won’t find inflated prices followed by token discounts; instead, you’ll experience the real joy of festive shopping.

  • A Showcase of Elite Brands

The event will bring together some of the most esteemed brands, including Mia by Tanishq, Inaarya, LOL Studio, Alka Kothari, Twam Skincare, Anupam Jewellery, Eeshya, Pratha, and many more. These top-notch brands will unveil their newest and trendiest festive and wedding collections, ensuring that shoppers have access to the finest choices available.

But ‘The Lifestyle Tyohaar’ isn’t just about shopping; it’s a celebration of the coastal lifestyle and the vibrant culture of Mangalore. The event will feature exciting activities such as Byjove jewellery exhibits, the mesmerizing colour swirl, crochet workshops, a festive dress-up photobooth, live broadcasts of world cup matches, and mouthwatering Dasara-special Gujarati cuisine. DIY workshops for festive decorations will also be available, along with famous Mangalorean tiger dance costumes and a Jyothi cycle promotion, making it an all-encompassing celebration of the region’s lifestyle.

  • Something for Everyone

Whether you’re a bride-to-be searching for that perfect wedding ensemble, a fashion enthusiast looking for the latest trends, or simply seeking the ideal outfit for the festive season, ‘The Lifestyle Tyohaar’ caters to every shopper’s needs.

  • Save the Date

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the most significant fashion and lifestyle event of the season. Join us at ‘The Lifestyle Tyohaar’ from October 13th to October 29th at Vertex Lounge, Mangalore. Let’s celebrate fashion, festivity, and all things fabulous together. It’s time to upgrade your festive and wedding shopping game, the authentic way. Be there to experience it all!

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