The Wait is Over: Kudla to Get Back its Iconic Clock Tower Soon

The Wait is Over: Kudla to Get Back its Iconic Clock Tower Soon

September 21: The iconic clock tower of Mangalore city is back. Four huge clocks with ultra-modern digital movements with illuminated dial and classical numbering and hands arrived at the newly built clock tower site in front of the Townhall.

The clocks are devised and fabricated by the family of the master horologer Ms.Nayaks and co., which has had been producing clocks for all occasions since 1939. Providing details of the clock  M Sathish Chandra Nayak , proprietor of Ms.Nayaks and co said that it is a micro processor based minute impulse control clock exclusively used for outdoor and indoor display and is probably the biggest clock with 88 inch dial.
The installation process will be completed within next couple of days and the historic clock will be a part of Mangalore city soon.

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