These Dishes at BMS Will Tickle Your Taste Buds This Navaratri

These Dishes at BMS Will Tickle Your Taste Buds This Navaratri

Navratri, a special occasion for most people. Navrathri is celebrated differently in different parts of the country, based on different traditions. The festival lasts a good nine nights throughout the country and is mostly followed by people who follow the Hindu way of Life. One also finds diversity in cuisine. Each part of the country add their own touch to their food during Navrathri.

To understand as well as appreciate this diversity, Hotel BMS offers a wide range dishes for their guests. The menu comprises the cuisine put together in the most authentic way from all parts of India. This range of variety will enable one to have the Pan India experience while sitting in one place. It is certainly a difficult deal to taste everything all at once. Hence, we have put down the Seven Must Try dishes from Hotel BMS’ Navrathri special menu.
Nippat Chaat (Bengaluru, Karnataka)
Nippat is flattened crackers prepared in a traditional Bengaluru style. Nipaat is a famous and loved by all, sort of snack. These flattened crackers are crushed and mixed with onions, aloo masala and sev to form the perfect Chaat. It is crunchy, spicy and the Aloo masala just adds to the flavour. Being a popular snack in Bengaluru, Nippat Chaat is one of the Must try from the Menu!
Patrani Paneer (Mangaluru, Karnataka)
Patrani paneer, a local dish is one of the most famous in and around Dakshina Kannada. Succulent pieces of Paneer Ghee Roast wrapped in Banana leaves and is pan fried to retain the moisture and flavour. This dish just takes the Ghee roast game to the next level.
Desi Quesadilla (Fusion)
Quesadilla pronounced as ke-sa-dia is a Mexican dish which has become popular in India. Thisflat bread sandwich consists of various fillings. The flat bread resembles rotis and can contain any flavoursome filling to make a great Quesadilla. At BMS, the chefs have taken time to create the perfect Desi Quesadilla by adding the Desi flavours for the filling. This is perfect for someone looking for a fusion dish. Try the Desi Quesadilla with punchy flavours without fail.
Phulka Sev Tamatar (Gujarati and Rajasthani)
Being a famous dish in both Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine, Phulka is nothing but chapattis prepared in a slightly different way. Unlike our flat chapattis, phulkas are puffed up and delicious. These phulkas are served with delicious Sev Tamatar which is prepared with crispy Sev and tomatoes. The dish is immensely popular and is one of our favourite combinations as well.
Kulhad Misthi Doi (Bengali)
A dessert famous in Bengal, made with milk and sugar, fermented in the traditional way. This dessert is loved by everyone. The perfect version of this is crafted by the dedicated Chefs at BMS for everyone to relish. So when you are here. This is a dessert you don’t want to miss.
Matka Lassi (Punjabi)
Lassi is a very popular dhahi based drink across India. It not only refreshes the body but also tastes delicious. The matka Lassi comes in a pot made of clay which keeps the lassi cool. Lassi is made using Greek yogurt mixed with sugar and dry fruits. Try this traditional panjabi drink at Bms with your other dishes.
Navratri Thali
This is a special thali prepared as a special on the occasion of Navratri. It has all the mouthwatering dishes one could imagine. It begins with a welcome drink, progresses into two types of pickle, chutney, papad, fries, bhujiya, farsan, falras, one sprouts sundal, three types of curries, one variety of rice, thepla/dhokla, poori, one dessert and butter milk. What more could one want on this festive occasion? To top it off, rice and rasam are unlimited. If your hungry and want to have a sumptuous meal, this should be your choice!

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