This Traffic Cop Goes Beyond His Duty: Wins Heart of Mangaloreans

This Traffic Cop Goes Beyond His Duty: Wins Heart of Mangaloreans

November 3: Puttarama, a traffic constable attached to the Traffic East police station has won hearts of Mangaloreans as he goes beyond his duty and involves in public service.

A video, in which the traffic cop is unloading mud from the lorry to fill the potholes at Bunts Hostel, went viral on social media on Saturday, November 2. He also filled up a jarring gap at the edge of a concrete road and a pothole that had formed beside it near Bunts Hostel Circle junction. The cop won praise from his seniors and all those who watched the video. The 159-second video shows Puttarama unloading mixed debris from the back of a mini-lorry on to the road, even as the latter half of it shows a labourer clamber on board and help him unload the rest of this quick-fix solution for the huge pothole.
Responding to the video, police commissioner P S Harsha said “I congratulate my man for having gone beyond the call of duty and doing public service. We need more such people,” Commissioner Harsha also mentioned that he would felicitate Puttarama at his office on Monday.


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