Twenty Five Mangalorean Vocalists Marvelously Voiced Tribute To Mother India: Check Out

Twenty Five Mangalorean Vocalists Marvelously Voiced Tribute To Mother India: Check Out

October 6: MERI MAATI, Twenty Five Vocalists marvelously voiced tribute to Mother India.

Boosting our morale and rekindling pride in who we are, and what we represent, as a great nation, stirring up patriotism in all of us with an atmosphere of pride and love towards our country is a composition to every patriotic song. Every person find different way of ringing their patriotism.  Roshan Dsouza Angelore a composer, writes the music to MERI MAATI keeping in mind the rich legacy our freedom fighters have left behind, supportively produced by Dilraj Rodrigues along with Jossie and Lona Mendonca. Thus brings out this patriotic song alongside with twenty five singers, to a tune composed way back in 2012. When writing a song, a strong structure can help the song really shine and reach listeners effectively. Understanding the basic elements of a patriotic song structure, famous lyricist hailing from Delhi Sanjeev Sarathie gives meaning to the song.
Roshan says “There is no dearth of patriotic songs celebrating our freedom ” Further says “My favourite patriotic song is Vande Mataram. Listening to it not only speaks volumes about freedom but also gives a sense of independence. The words of the song have successfully managed to hit straight through the hearts. Inspired to its lyrics paved way in creating this song MERI MAATI.  This song is fresh and will surely evoke the feelings of pride, sacrifice and love for our nation”
“We be indebted our freedom and sovereignty to the Indian Army. These real heroes sacrifice so much, even their lives, to keep our country’s flag flying high.  As a producer my job is to make the composers vision a reality” says Dilraj Rodrigues”.
Meri Maati team bows in reverence and remembrance to the Indian soldiers in one language hindi, all exclusively from the country’s southern coast. With the  lyricist giving meaning to the song, composer the feel and emotions and finally, the singers giving life to the song, along with expressions.
Lead singers Mohammad Iqbal, Jason Lobo, Munita Veigas Rao, Dr. Vyshnavi N Kini, Chinmayi V Bhat, Vidhya Suvarna, Nithin Koottungal followed by choral singers Shilpa Cutinha, Joshal Dsouza, Janisha Dsouza, Zeena Pereira, Elton Nazareth, Wiltan Arul Fernandes, Llewellyn Lobo, Rynel Sequeira, Dr. Suraj Noronha accompanied by adolescent choral group Perpetua Franciska Pereira, Simone Dsouza, Alma Lathisa Pinto, Simona Adline Monteiro, Abigail Melanie Crasta, Senora Cutinha, Synola Albuquerque, Gabrielle Clementine Viegas, Melony Minol Dsilva, Portia Goretti Furtado. Two prominent guitarists from South India have tendered their skills to give elegance in the arrangement, Mr Santhosh Chandran on Lead guitar and Mr Josy John on the Bass guitar. All These classic artists have tried to amaze people with their melodious rhythm and surreal voice. Both the male and female version of the songs are remarkable and heart touching in their own sense.

Production and mixing mastering duties were handled by Nithin Koottungal from Ernakulam. Nithin definitely takes a mediocre mix to making a strong song and elevate it to broadcast or release quality. With such a strong mix, the song can reach a wider audience because it translates well across various listening environments and devices.  Direction, screenplay and editing have been handled by Ivan Pereira, Propix Studios, Mangalore.
The endless reinvention and development as Roshan’s music unfolds, take the ear on an utterly unpredictable yet completely immersive journey of feeling immense pride towards our country. You have to listen to this track, the music director and composer from MangaloreRoshan Dsouza Angelore paying tribute to Mother India with team, a Hindi patriotic vibes MERI MAATI  got unveiled on October 3.

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