Twitter Abhiyan to Make TULU also an Official Language of Karnataka

Twitter Abhiyan to Make TULU also an Official Language of Karnataka

September 8: Tulu organizations have launched a tweet campaign on Twitter on September 8, urging the inclusion of Article VIII of the Constitution. More than 100,000 people have already tweeted about it.
Already, the people of Tulu Nadu are responding to this tweet campaign with the hashtag #TuluOfficialinKA_KL and the tweet id is @jaitulunadorg.
The Tulu Nadu MPs, MLAs, Representatives, Officers and Citizens are expected to take part in the campaign.

To make Tulu the official language of Karnataka, the fundamental right of the Constitution is to ensure that every people has the right to protect their language, culture and script according to the cultural rights. Our cultural contribution to the cultural richness of our country is immense. Our rituals are at the forefront of the whole country today. We are not demanding that our language be given prominence over another language, but rather to provide justice for our language. The people of Tulu Nadu have expressed their linguistic support for the struggle in our country’s history in the Panch Dravidian language.
When the Tulu language programme is held abroad once a year, why is it not such a priority in our country? The language has not been made official yet. Many people have tweeted that Tulu is not just a language, but a beautiful sanskriti.
Since 2002, there has been a similar demand by the central government for the creation of a central government committee to change the provisions of Article VIII of the Constitution. Against this backdrop, Tulu language has to be recognized as the official language of the state before the enactment of Article VIII of the Constitution. The ongoing fight for the survival of the Tulu language has been going on ever since, and there was a tweet campaign on the inclusion of the Tulu language constitution. 80000 plus people participated in the campaign.

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