7 things Mangaloreans need in Bangalore! Yes.. Food it is!

7 things Mangaloreans need in Bangalore! Yes.. Food it is!

May 31: Mangaloreans residing/working in Bangalore always want to have some things in the Garden city. Food has topped the list while other things are secondary. Below are some of the food items which Mangaloreans residing in Bangalore miss the most!

7. Podi’s

Podi are much loved snack by Mangaloreans across the world. They atleast require Sweet Potato Podi at around 5 PM, that too Mangalorean Style.

6. Mango Curry

This seasonal dish is a specialty in Mangalore and is very rare to find it in Bangalore and most of the Mangaloreans crave for it.

5. Charmburi and Mangalore Pachodi

These two are available in Bangalore but not with coconut oil mixing, So Mangaloreans would love to have these in Namma Bangalore.

4. Giri Manjas Fish Hotel

Fish is one of the main food for Mangaloreans, and Mangaloreans in Bangalore definitely need Anjal Tawa Fry or Bangude Masala fry just like how it tastes in Giri Manjas.

3. Goli Soda/Bottled Juice/Joy,zaffa

Golisoda is rare even in Mangalore, but if availble in Bangalore, Mangaloreans will make sure the business is boom.
Bottled Juice or as we call it jooose which comes in several flavours is much loved by Mangaloreans and they would definitely need it in Metro City Bangalore.

2. Ghee Roast Mangalorean style

Mangaloreans love chicken when it is typically from Mangalorean Cuisine. Ghee Roast or Chicken Urval is much loved and they would definitely need a Maharaja or Shetty Lunch Home Kind of restaurant.

1. Pabbas/ Ideal

Out of the listed things above, Mangaloreans definitely need atleast Pabbas to open up a Branch in Bangalore. This has been a wish of many Mangaloreans since decades. Hopefully we get it one day.

These are just somethings which most of Mangaloreans want in Bangalore. Do you have anything in mind? Comment then

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