Beat the heat with these refreshing collection of cold and sweet treats

Beat the heat with these refreshing collection of cold and sweet treats

June 8: The unbearable heat of this summer has led us to hydrate ourselves to the point of drinking liquids by the gallon! Drnk Lab has certain offerings in their menu to help you stay cool and not break a sweat. Check out the 7 things on Drnk Lab’s menu you have to try this summer.

A tropic delight sure to send your tastebuds on a vacation. The mixture of fruity flavours blended into creamy goodness of vanilla. Fruit-E-Vanilla wears the crown of an ice cream scoop while dressed in a cape of strawberry marmalade.
Hot Ice Cream Sizzler
Just when you thought ice cream cannot go well on a sizzling platter, this Hot Ice Cream Sizzler fills in the contrast quite well. Three scoops of ice cream sit atop a brownie while loads of minced chips of cashew complement the abundant chocolate syrup. Not to forget, the sizzle that the syrup makes when it arrives at your table.
Happiness Mugs – Berry Fresh Heavy Mug
These Berry Fresh ‘Happiness’ Heavy Mugs can make you berry happy indeed. One look is all it takes for you to feed your inner foodie. Topped with an Oreo cookie on a throne of your favourite ice cream scoop with rich goodness of berry flavours running down that mason jar. What hides inside that jar is an amazing berry blend of your choice in the form of thick shake. Rest assured, your daily dose of happiness is fulfilled by the time you finish this heavy mug.
Fruit Overloaded 
Generally, ‘overloaded’ is just another word describing exaggeration. Here at Drnk Lab, they take this word seriously and live up to it by filling a small glass tin with delicious fruits to the brim! It includes strawberries, bananas, pomegranates and apples among other fruits peeking through the glass begging to be eaten while berry cream cascades right through these fruits.
Watermelon Boat
All hands on deck!!
You just couldn’t keep your hands on that dining desk once you’re rocked by this boat. Crunchy wafers make the masts of this boat while you sail away into a summer vacation destination. Scoops of fruity ice creams topped by cherries and strawberry marmalade looks like the boat’s dreamy, creamy cabins. It is no surprise what lies inside the hull of this thick skinned boat.
Brownie Beast
Let not the name of this gentle drink scare you cause you will be the one devouring this beast. Every sip of this drink will bring more and more of that good ol’ chocolaty cookie crumbles to the tip of your tongue. A milkshake extraordinaire, look for nothing more this summer as this grizzly brown beast shall be your best friend.
Moroccan Mint Lime Mojito
In a bid to beat the heat of this sultry summer wave, hydration of the mind and body is required. This drink however, does exactly that while rejuvenating your soul upon consumption. The mix of lemons and mint juice chilled to an arctic temperature is certain to refresh the living daylight of the person drinking it.
Head over to Drnk Lab to experience that perfect respite that you have been longing for this summer with their exclusive, refreshing collection of cold and sweet treats.

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