Vasanthotsava to be celebrated at Bhagamandala Shree Kashi Math.

Vasanthotsava to be celebrated at Bhagamandala Shree Kashi Math.

We are happy to inform you that His Holiness Shrimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji has blessed us with an opportunity to renovate the existing Bhagamandala Sri Kashi Math and also will be hosting the Vasanthotsava of 2019 at Bhagamandal Sri Kashi Math, Bhagamandala.

As you all know Bhagamandala is a sacred place where the Holy River Cauvery, the life line of South India emerges and flows south towards the Hindu Mahasagar. River Cauvery is considered to be Dakshina Ganga as it is associated with legendary figures such as Lord Ganesh, sage Agasthya and Lopamudra. Like river Cauvery Bhagamandala Sri Kashi Math has unique and cherished memories.

When His Holiness Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji ascended the Matadhipathya on the Maha Samadhi of Shrimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji, in the Pattabhisheka ceremony the Pattakanika was made to the new Mathadhipathi as per custom and tradition. This Pattakanika was used for building the first project by Revered Gurudev in memory of their Gurudev at Bhagmandala which is the ugamasthana of River Cauvery. It was pious offering in memory of the initiation of sanyas to Shrimad Sukrateendra Thirtha Swamiji by most revered Shrimad Varadendra Thirtha Swamiji on the banks of River Cauvery at Tiruchirappalli way back in 1912.

History repeated again in 2016, when Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji attained Maha Samadhi and Shrimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji offered Sri Bhuvanendra Vriksha Vatika one of the visionary project of Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji to perpetuate the memory of Shrimad Bhuvanendra Thirtha Swamiji, for their vast knowledge and mastery over Ayurveda. Thus Shrimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji and Shrimad Samyameendra Thirtha Swamiji made their maiden contribution to the welfare of Sri Kashimath Samsthan Bhagamandal.

Now it is proposed to renovate the Math which was built in the year 1957 in a befitting manner, to cater to the needs of the society. A Vasanthotsava Samithi has been formed.

Vasanthotsava Samithi has organized various sevas to be offered to Samsthan deities and His Holiness swamiji, the details are furnished here below along with the details of special programmes during Vasanthotsava period.

We request you and your family members to participate through Tanu-Mana-Dhana and seek blessings of the Almighty and His Holiness Swamiji. Looking forward for your co-operation in celebrating Vasanthotsava in grandmanner.
22.03.2019 Friday : Arrival of swamiji at Bhagamandala at 11.00 am & Inauguration of newly built Kashi Math
06.04.2019 Saturday : Chandramana Ugadi Vasanthotsava Arambha. Laghu Vishnu Abhisheka, Pavamanabhisheka & Thailabhisheka to Lord Vedavyasa & Thottilu Seva
07.04.2019 Sunday : Ahswa Vahana Seva
08.04.2019 Monday : Airavatha Vahana Seva
09.04.2019 Tuesday : Shesha Vahana Seva
10.04.2019 Wednesday : Rajatha Garuda Vahana Seva
11.04.2019 Thursday : Hamsa Vahana Seva
12.04.2019 Friday : Hanumantha Seva
13.04.2019 Saturday : Ratha Vahana Seva
14.04.2019 Sunday : Sri Rama Navami, Special Abhishekha & Pooja to Lord Rama, Swarna Garuda Vahana Seva
15.04.2019 Monday : Pallaki Vahana Seva
16.04.2019 Tuesday : Ekadashi
17.04.2019 Wednesday : Soorya Vahana Seva
18.04.2019 Thursday : Hanumantha Vahana Seva
20.04.2019 Saturday : Ekaha Bhajana Mahothsava
During Vasanthotsava period there will be Bhajan Sandhya by renowned artists and other cultural programs on weekends. All-above Programmes will commence with the approval of His Holiness Swamiji.

We remain, In the service of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan

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