Biggest Celestial Happening With Great Delight Was Witnessed at CFAL!

Biggest Celestial Happening With Great Delight Was Witnessed at CFAL!

This morning of 26th December, 2019 as we looked towards the eastern sky, we saw a dance of shadows unfold with the sun and our moon lining up to make an Annular Solar Eclipse. For a small belt in South India, the eclipse was a beautiful annular (ring-shaped) one, since the Moon was not close enough to cover the Sun’s face completely.
The solar eclipse was one last grand celestial event to go before we bid this year goodbye. The eclipse, which began at around 9.24 am saw sky watchers gazing at the sun wearing their solar eclipse glasses at the event conducted by CFAL.

The local event where members of the public were invited to register and watch the eclipse was conducted by CFAL, Bejai-Kapikad, Mangalore. Safe NASA certified Solar Glasses were provided and high-powered telescope was set up for the public to have a safe and great view. The event was live streamed on their youtube channel to assist people sit back and enjoy the celestial event from their comfort zones. Prathyush Poduval (Silver Medallist – International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics in IOAA 2018) and many other alumni of CFAL marked their presence at the program. CFAL has niched a name for itself in Mangalore as the leaders in preparing students for STEM related examinations and strives towards inculcating interest in basic sciences and encourages research and innovation in the field of Math and Science.

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