Chinese, Oriental, Thai and Malaysian cuisines: All under one roof now in Mangalore!

Chinese, Oriental, Thai and Malaysian cuisines: All under one roof now in Mangalore!

June 12: Misu Misu is the brain child of an avid industrialist Mr. Dasharath and a charming kindergarten teacher Mrs. Suparna. It is the only pan Asia restaurant in Mangalore that serves Chinese, Oriental, Thai and Malaysian cuisines all under one roof!
Listed are some of the few delicious dishes that we had the good fortune of tasting.

Burnt Garlic Soup
If you have never really been into soup that much then get ready to be blown away. The relishing flavours, the alluring texture and the incredible aroma of the Burnt Garlic at Misu Misu is sure to turn anyone into a diehard fan of soup. You will have to try it, to believe it.


Thai Raw Papaya Salad
It is also known as “Som Tam” and is a dish of pure genius. This dish has a crispy texture and the raw papaya combines wonderfully with the spice of green chilies, sourness of the lemon juice and the sweetness of honey. When you visit Misu Misu, this dish is a must try.


Pad Thai noodles
A unique taste that is exclusive only to the Pad Thai Noodles at Misu Misu is something that every foodie must try. The inclusion of fish sauce into the cooking process of this dish is responsible for the subtle saltiness and umami taste you encounter. Pad Thai sauce is a one of a kind sauce that is made from tamarind and other ingredients. This imparts a pleasant sour taste that perfectly complements the saltiness from the fish sauce. All in all, it is a dish whose taste you’ll never forget.



These little packets of flavour are not only tasty but also very healthy as they are steamed and not fried. At Misu Misu, they serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants of dimsums. A beautiful mixture of chicken, spices and few chopped vegetables is used as stuffing in the case of non-vegetarian dimsuns, while the vegetarian variant is just as delicious because of the range of unique flavours that go into the mixture.


Kung Pao Potatoes
Kung Pao Potatoes is a popular Chinese dish that is known for its aroma that’s almost intoxicating. This dish essentially consists of potatoes fried in soya sauce, chilli sauce and a dash of ginger and garlic. All these flavours that go into this dish makes it spicy, juicy and altogether very nicey.


Fragrant rice & Thai curry
The finest of rice grains are cooked with Kaffir lime leaves, garlic cloves and lemon grass until all the goodness of the added ingredients is absorbed by the rice giving it its iconic oriental fragrance. Now, the Thai curry is a dish made of coconut milk, vegetables like mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and more. But, what makes it truly sensational is the secret Thai Curry paste which is the sole reason for the green colour of the dish.


Honey Fried Noodles
You will absolutely love this decadent treat as it’s full of that crunchy goodness of fried noodles, teamed with a delicious honey glaze. It is one of those hot and cold desserts that will leave you craving for more.

Date Wontons
We have to thank the Cantonese for such a delightful treat! Walnuts and dates that are toasted with sesame seeds are stuffed into wonton wrappers scrunched into money bags which are then fried in hot oil. Finally, these hot wontons are dusted with powdered sugar and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Misu Misu has definitely given a face-lift to Mangalore’s otherwise aging restaurant scene. Doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a local, Misu Misu is one restaurant that you have to visit.




Article by Sanjana Rao

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