First Ever GSB International Conference Organized by Youth of GSB: Huge Success in Dubai

First Ever GSB International Conference Organized by Youth of GSB: Huge Success in Dubai

The first ever GSB International Conference organized by the Youth of GSB Worldwide in Dubai for the Gawd Saraswat Brahmin community people in the Gulf countries was a success beyond the expectations of the GSB’s in the Arab countries.

In a colorful one-day program held at the world-famous Marriott Hotel in Dubai, GSB members from different parts of the UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah attended the conference. The conference held in collaboration with social organizations of UAE countries fulfilled the long-time dream of the non-resident GSB members and created a sense of satisfaction among them. In a conference held as part of a program to culturally integrate non-resident Indians who settled there decades ago and are looking for advancement in business, industry, and employment, and their next generation, the leaders of the organizations displayed the art of Indian culture on stage through dance and songs.


Organizations which have been involved in the exemplary work of saving the ancient culture and handing it over to the next generation by organizing bhajans and religious programs in Arab countries were honored and encouraged under the leadership of community leaders to start a studio of Youth of GSB Channel in Dubai.

Youngsters from the community Arun Pai, Dheeraj Prabhu, Srinath Pai, Pradeep Shenai, Major Sponsors Abharan Jeweller, Bangalore MD Pratap Madhukar Kamath, Preeti Kamath, DVK Cashews’ Vasudev Kamath, Renowned Doctor Anant Pai, Harish Kamath Dubai, Harish Shenoy Dubai, Anand Shanubhog, Youth of GSB Conveners Mangalpady Naresh Shenoy, Chetan Kamath, Naresh Prabhu and many others were present.

GSB community food was specially prepared for the conference and the guests tasted and appreciated the organizers. The background music performed by the famous orchestra of Mangalore was mind blowing.
Abaran Jeweller Bangalore, Deepak Bhaskar Shenai Vashi, Mangalpadi Rajesh Shenai, Arch Pharma Labs’ Ajit Kamath sponsored the conference and encouraged the first GSB International Conference held in Dubai.
The local GSB talents won wide applause by walking the ramp wearing special jewellery made by Abaran Jewellers Bangalore. Youth of GSB broadcasted the program live to the audience across the globe.

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