Hotel BMS is The Place to Visit This Navaratri Season For These Exciting Reasons: Check Out

Hotel BMS is The Place to Visit This Navaratri Season For These Exciting Reasons: Check Out

The Navaratri celebrations kick off with a spectacular grand inauguration on the 13th of October. Be there to witness and partake in the extensive food festival as it spreads out one delight after another. The list is unending. Captivating cultural performance that sets the tone for the festivities.

1.Food Extravaganza: Indulge your taste buds in a scrumptious array of Navaratri-themed dishes. The Navratri Ke Nav Bhog is the food festival at BMS Hotel that runs throughout Navaratri. It is an experience in itself as the special Navaratri thaali awaits you! The Thali is a mix of dishes from different culinary regions of Gujarat and Rajasthan-that are a must for Navarathri thali, one has to experience it to believe it.

2.Dandiya Night: Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the special Dandiya Night on Friday, the 20th of October. The energy and enthusiasm during this event are bound to be infectious. This Dandiya extravaganza will feature food stalls, kids’ corner, bar counter and a 360-degree selfie counter. Not only can you win attractive prizes on this evening, but there are more prizes for best attires that are worn.

3. As a special attraction, a vintage car of the antiquity of Chevrolet Deluxe 1951 will be at display in the premises of the BMS hotel. The Car is in mint condition and after a round of festivities you can feast your eyes on this vintage beauty.

4. The Navarathri Thali which is available throughout the nine days of Navarathri. Khakras, Rotis, Dhoklas, Motichur Laddu, fingerlicking Gujarati and Rajasthani pickles, masala papads, parathas and sabzis, Pooris, Khadis and replete with a tall glass of Jaljeera water topped up with basin crispies.

5. Irresistible Sweet Counters: All throughout the nine days of festivities, you can find dedicated sweet counters set up within Hotel BMS. Delectable confectionary of varied types is certain to satisfy the craving of your sweet tooth. Badam Halwa, Phalamrut with Vanilla Ice Cream, Benne Gulkhan, Jalebi Rabdi, Sooter Pheni, Shahi Tukda, Kulfi Falooda, Gheval with Rabdi and the great Jain delicacy ‘Khatmandige’ from Moodbidri are on the menu.

6. Décor of Extraordinary Proportions: The whole of Hotel BMS will be decked up with décor that will entice you. From colourful selfie booths to grand stages and seating arrangements, the decorations are a visual treat!

7. What is more the BMS hotels will also roll out special visits and showcase their facilities for your special occasions, including deluxe rooms. You can feel the holiday mood already setting in.

With these exciting events and festivities, Hotel BMS is the place to be this Navaratri season. Join in on the fun, celebrate the traditions, and create wonderful memories during this joyous time of the year. Be there every day from October 13 to October 22, and live every moment during the Navarathri festivities.

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