Mangalore has a new party destination: Check out

Mangalore has a new party destination: Check out

June 4: Remember a time when Mangalore was a city that slept at 8 P. M? Nightlife in Mangalore was pretty much non-exisitence until a couple of years ago. The pub culture in Mangalore boomed and we have to thank our stars for that! So many new pubs and lounges have come up along prime locations like Balmatta, Collector’s Gate and M.G road. One such lounge that stands out from the rest is the Infiniti Lounge Bar. Listed below are 5 reasons why it does.

Walk into this pub and you’ll be swept away by the sheer class of this place. The leather seats and the perfectly dim interiors maintain the classy vibe of a downtown pub in New York. So if you want to just chill out with a bunch of your co-workers without being overwhelmed by people shoving you, then Inifiniti Lounge is where you need to head to.

Delicious, palatable, luscious, mouth-watering, delectable, scrumptious! Any number of adjectives will not suffice to describe the food that is served at Infiniti Lounge. Their well curated menu flaunts appetizers and main course dishes from all over the world. Paired with fast and competent service, the dining experience at Infiniti Lounge is unmatched.

Mindless pop music killing your vibe? Well, at Infiniti Lounge they don’t put you through such treachery. They only play legendary rock music that will remind you of the good old times when music still reflected the purity of a musician’s talent. You now know of a way to escape the thumping mediocrity that is taking over the pub scene.

Bar Counter
A pub without a great bar counter is just a café!. With its well stocked cabinets and experienced bartenders, the bar counter at Infiniti Lounge is absolutely phenomenal. Your drinks will always be mixed to perfection so that every sip you take is as smooth as silk.

Great Prices
You may think that all this luxury comes at price that could burn a big hole in your pocket but that’s definitely not the case at Infinti Lounge. The prices of both food and beverages are set at a level that is easy on your pockets so that you can have a good time without worrying about the damage to your credit card.

Now that you know what Inifiniti Lounge has to offer, you can put a rest to the dilemma of which pub to hit in the coming weekend. Be it a fun outing with friends or a casual date with your girlfriend/boyfriend, Infiniti is the place to go.

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