Mangalore International Airport Switches to 100% LED Lights: Check Out

Mangalore International Airport Switches to 100% LED Lights: Check Out

Mangalore International Airport has replaced all its conventional lights with energy-efficient lights by switching over to 100% LED lights. The airport has achieved his ahead of the World Environment Day on Monday. 1,111 conventional lights spread across various functional areas were replaced with LED lights. With this, the airport has achieved 100% conversion of lights with LED lights.

The airport has proactively gone in for a controlled lighting system, which will enable it to switch off lights wherever not required. The use of timers too ensures that the streetlights are switched on at specified times. “The airport proactively follows a system of switching off lights in offices when people are not around. In doing so, it is actively aiding the resolve of the government to achieve Net Zero goal by 2070.

The change will help the airport overall save 188,558.96 kWH/annum. The biggest saving will be seen in the National Air Traffic Services building area where the airport will save 1.17 lakh kWH/annum with the use of 752 LED lights. In the New Integrated Terminal Building, the airport will save 56,467 kWH/annum with 261 LED lights and 14,673 kWH/annum by changing the 98 conventional lights to LED lights in the airside, old terminal building and NATS area. The switchover will help in the reduction of 148.962 tonnes of CO2 emission per annum, including 92.761 tonnes of CO2 in the NATS area. CO2 emission is recognized as the primary driver of global climate change. The airport hitherto had converted 948 conventional lights to LEDs which had helped it reduce 137 tonnes of CO2 in FY 2021-22. In replacing the remaining 163 conventional lights, the airport has furthered its cause of environmental protection.

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