Mangalorean Stranded in Kuwait Returns Back With Help of Good Samaritarians

Mangalorean Stranded in Kuwait Returns Back With Help of Good Samaritarians

October 31: A resident of Thokkottu landed who landed in Kuwait to work as a driver to support his family, but later became the victim of a job fraud. The victim Nelson D’Souza was promised a driver’s job, but given odd work  including cleaning homes and feeding camels in desert camps. He was even abused by the employer.
After facing an ordeal for nearly 15 months due to his Kuwaiti employer, he is all set to return home. Thanks to the efforts of Good Samaritans James Paul Karkala, Mohandas M Kamath and Robert D’Souza. Their efforts included running from pillar to post in Kuwait government offices in between work for nearly five months which has helped Nelson get out of there.

Before leaving to Kuwait, Nelson earned his livelihood by working an autorickshaw driver. He later got in touch with a person on social media, who helped him to get driver visa in Kuwait. Since he wanted to support his family he sold his autorickshaw for Rs 30,000 and paid it to an agent as commission. After reaching Kuwait, things turned to be a nightmare to Nelson as he was made to do odd jobs and was not even paid salary. The agent did not help me to get me back. Finally, he ran away and took shelter at his friend’s place who was later assisted by James Paul and others. The legal procedures took nearly five months to get completed and finally, he was set free and his temporary passport was handed over to him.

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