NIT-K Establishes Three Centres of Excellence in Accordance With National Education Policy 2020

NIT-K Establishes Three Centres of Excellence in Accordance With National Education Policy 2020

The National Institute of Technology – Karnataka (NIT-K), Surathkal, has established three centres of excellence in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. They are Centre for Sustainable Energy Engineering (CSEE), Centre for Women Welfare and Social Empowerment (CWWSE), and Centre for Public Relations, Information and Media Exchange (C-PRIME).

The centres are designed to provide students with a complete knowledge of both technical and non-technical fields, enabling them to acquire a well-rounded skill set. In addition, the institute intends to provide students with access to the most recent research and technology, allowing them to remain at the forefront of their respective professions.


The C-PRIME is designed to promote and maintain the reputation of NIT-K through the effective use of multiple media platforms, and to provide academic initiatives in line with the recommendations of NEP- 2020. It will provide learners an opportunity to study Mass Communication via internships, short-term certificate programmes, academic programmes, and other hands-on activities in the area of mass communication. Students will obtain practical experience.


The CWWSE has been established to assist women in gaining more independence. By providing proper resources and assistance, the centre aspires to establish a culture of inclusion and equality, therefore contributing to the development of a more varied and productive workforce and empowering its members to become active contributors to the nation’s growth and development. By providing educational opportunities, cultural enrichment, and creating social awareness on various women-oriented domains, this centre will contribute in creating a more equitable and prosperous future for women.


This centre would give a platform for students to obtain knowledge and experience in sustainable energy engineering, allowing them to find innovative solutions to the world’s energy challenges. It would also provide researchers with a unique avenue to collaborate and share their field-specific expertise. The facility would operate as a nexus for industry-academic partnerships, enabling the development of breakthrough products and technologies. CSEE will help to promote the use of renewable energy sources, helping to reduce the environmental impact of energy production.

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