Now You Can Learn Yoga in Mangalore From An International Yoga Trainer: Check Out

Now You Can Learn Yoga in Mangalore From An International Yoga Trainer: Check Out

September 18: Ashtangayoga: What is Ashtangayoga?
It is a dynamic flowing , sportive style that connects the movements of the body with breath. The practice was developed in Mysore by Shri . Pattabhi Jois . This practice is well followed and have become super famous in all the countries from East to West . The method stresses the importance of daily practice of a set of series of movements.
Breath awareness is the central hub of yoga wheel around which all else rotates – David Swenson . As per the saying goes , We deeply focus on our breath and body movements in Ashtangayoga which helps to purify mind and body.
Benefits of Ashtangayoga:
Ashtangayoga is good for those who needs Cardiac workout. It helps to increase focus and sense for our body , breath and mind . This practice is considered as best method for stress relief, burning fat and toning body in a healthy way.
Why Youth has to practice Ashtangayoga??
It helps to clear the mind which can give students a break from the constant social atmosphere of college. It helps to improve concentration.
Who can practice ?
It is good for all age levels between 10 years to 60 + years ( if you are willing to do some sportive yogic workout). It is best for students who are focusing on vigorous yogic workout.
Infact controlling of mind is very challenging to anybody . However , Ashtangayoga helps to do that in a sportive way . Yoga is not just pranayama and asanas ,It is much more than that. Yoga is for everybody&anybody.

Here is an opportunity for Mangaloreans to learn yoga from international yoga trainer. 

Contact Details:

Vinutha Rao

International Yoga Trainer
Instagram profile : Vinu_yogi

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