Raj B Shetty Onscreen Once Again With Splendid Acting: Toby Movie a Must Watch

Raj B Shetty Onscreen Once Again With Splendid Acting: Toby Movie a Must Watch

Toby, Hebrew meaning ‘God is good’ is a movie set in coastal Karnataka played by terrific Raj B Shetty. The opening scene is the beginning of the end of the film,Where a majestic Anandanna played by the charismatic & incredible Raj Deepak Shetty asks his henchmen to check on the sheep that the Darshana pathri says has gone missing. This is the beginning of tbe revenge saga.

Some movies you watch for its storyline, others you watch it for its narration and technique but ‘Toby’ you ought to watch it for its characterisation. Chaitra as Jenny is a promising discovery. She becomes to voice to the muted Toby and Chaitra performs brilliantly. This is a coming of age drama of this nameless boy who is christened Toby by the church father & how he seeks revenge on those who take away everything from him.

“Toby” is an engaging movie with complex characterizations and a mix of emotional elements. It’s intriguing to see how the story revolves around themes of unrequited love, father-daughter dynamics, and camaraderie.

Most characters are in shades of grey, including the protagonist & the villain. The slow rise of Anandanna from a vulnerable man to becoming a kingpin of the area is wonderfully pulled off by Raj Deepak Shetty. He is a character to watch out for. The gait, poise everything has been depicted so very well.

‘Toby’ could be a spoonerism for ‘Boti’which means meat, in the film too the protagonist like meat is used as a pawn: The villain is a meat seller, Toby too works in a mortuary and works for Anandanna where he kills people and puts them in a machine. One sees shades of GGVV & Kantara ripple effect here. A perennially poignant film, a good watch.

Review by Laxmi Shenoy

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