Rs 7 lakh collected in one month by towing vehicles in Mangalore

Rs 7 lakh collected in one month by towing vehicles in Mangalore

April 7: Mangalore City police had deployed two towing machines
to check illegal parking of vehicles in the city. The two machines have effectively cracked 910 cases of illegally parked vehicles across illegally parked vehicles across the city and collected a total fines of Rs 7.05 lakh. After receiving frequent complaints during the phone-in sessions about how roads were being encroached upon for parking vehicles,

The city police stumbled upon the idea of towing away such vehicles in order to streamline this long-standing issue in the city.
The vehicle owners or drivers of the towed vehicles will have to contact the nearest police station, pay a fine and release their vehicle. The fines are fixed at Rs 1,600 for heavy vehicles, Rs 1,100 for light vehicles and Rs 750 for two-wheelers.
Mangalore Police commissioner Sandeep Patil said that the department was planning to add two more towing vehicles into service in the  limits of other two traffic police station in the near future. He said that will help in disciplining the motorists across the city and follow rules.


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