Swacchata Abhiyan by RK Mission: Week 26

Swacchata Abhiyan by RK Mission: Week 26

June 3: The 26 week of  Shramadan for Ramakrishna Mission (RKM)  Swacchata Abhiyan’s 5 th phase, around Bokkapatna, June 2, Sunday.The day’s shramadan was enthusiastically jointly flagged off by Sri Diwakar K, Former Mayor of Mangalore City Corporation and  Social Activist, Rohan Siri near Spandana General Hospital at Bokkapatna.

Volunteers took up cleanliness under the guidance of Umanath Kotekar on Mannagudda-Bokkapatna road. Madhuchandra Adyanthaya, Mohan Kottari and senior volunteers cleared the drains removing  mud/stones and other debris for proper flow of water in the ensuing rainy season. Students of City Nursing College under the guidance of Prameela cleaned the road and loaded the garbage into tippers. They also removed heaps of garbage from nearby areas. Karna of Sridevi Arts repainted two direction boards, Barke Cross Road and Bokkapatn.  On several spots on Bokkapatna-Mannagudda road, people used to litter  and there were several black spots. In spite of efforts by localites before, it was not possible to deter the public from littering there. Hence to set the matters right, volunteers of the Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan identified 7 such spots on the road. Dilraj Alva, Satish Kenkanaje, Mehboob Khan, Aniruddha Nayak, Yogish Kayarthadka, Dhanush Shetty, Prakash S N and other volunteers cleared heaps of foul garbage and loaded into tippers. JCB was also used wherever necessary. The land was levelled and pots with flower plants have been placed in those spots to deter public from littering again. Volunteers of the Abhiyan will keep an eye on those spots day in and out and stop people from throwing garbage there.

Contact – 9448353162 – Swami Ekagamyananda to take part in the Abhiyan

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