This eatery outlet was much needed for Mangalore!

This eatery outlet was much needed for Mangalore!

After dominating the market in Bengaluru, Bhaskar’s Mane Holige has made it’s way into our city of Mangalore and that too with bang!

Bhaskar’s Mane Holige opened it’s first ever outlet in Mangalore on the 8th of March in the city’s prime location – Carstreet. The place offered it’s sensational holige at the cost of one rupee as part of it’s opening promotion. Notable personalities attended the event and indulged in the treats that the place had to offer. “Mangalore has blossomed into a city where new businesses flourish and thrive, especially those that are part of the food industry. Encouragement to such entrepreneurs will always be offered” said Mr. Vedavyas Kamath – MLA of Mangalore South constituency. The grand opening of this event also attracted a TV personality Mr. Murali who anchors a popular show on Zee Kannada which goes by the name ‘oggarane dabbi’. He took to the honourable task of distributing hot and fresh holiges over the counter to the guests.

Many Bangaloreans who have now settled in Mangalore are delighted to see a name from their home-town and are excited to know that the treats they most adore are now available in it’s original taste closer than they could have imagined. Baskar’s Mane Holige not only caters those with a sweet tooth but also offers tasty fritters and other rustic snacks that are sure to make Mangaloreans go ga-ga over.

Mr. Asif and Mr. Javed are the heroes that brought the concept from the streets of Bengaluru to those of our beloved coastal city. Though they currently reside overseas, their love for Mangalore and its development as a foodie’s destination is still strong. Mangaloreans owe it to entrepreneurs such as Mr. Asif and Mr. Javed for the phenomenal growth that our city has seen in the past few years.

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