This famous PUB in Mangalore has HAPPY HOURS, Believe us it will definitely make you happy!

This famous PUB in Mangalore has HAPPY HOURS, Believe us it will definitely make you happy!

Just when you thought happy Hours was only restricted for the tipsy kind, here is a double bill. Onyx has introduced a new food fair at slashed prices between the usual happy hours of 12-6 P.M on weekdays! For those who like to gulp it down with a drink or two, Onyx also has happy hours on the bar menu.

Onyx is the first restaurant in Mangalore, to offer happy hour prices. It’s a giant step towards elevated hospitality. The catchline says Enjoy more Pay Less! And going by the new menu, they are quite serious about it. Here are the 7 items of the menu which might interest you.

With the mercury rising, who would not want their favourite beer-the tall cool pitcher of KF premium brought to them at lower prices. This actually is the reality at Onyx. You get the pitcher at just Rupees 399! The pitcher is large enough and can fill up two beer buddies adequately.


Luxury Drinks
Mangalore never had it so good when it comes to prices of luxury liquors. Under its new special menu, Onyx is offering great whiskeys like the Black Label, Jameson Caskmates, Jack Daniels and Chivas regal at reduced prices. If you have 8 drinks in the same category then cost per peg will be as low as Rupees 240!

Popular drinks
If you are someone who wants to drink on a budget then Onyx has lined up a few popular drinks for you! You can enjoy a quiet afternoon in the plush ambience of Onyx with a peg of Old Monk for a price as low as 50 Rupees. Gone are your days of sneaking into a cheap liquor store for your afternoon booze fix.

Onyx King Fries
When you can live life King-sized, why settle for anything less? You can now enjoy the crackling crisp of Onyx King Fries at an unbelievable price of Rupees 199! So, stop worrying about the extra calories and just give-in to your binging tendencies.

Margherita pizza
For all you turophiles out there, we have news for you! Your favourite cheese loaded Margherita pizza is now available at Onyx at just Rupees 199 during their ‘Happy Hours’. So, head straight to Onyx when your next cheese craving surfaces.

Cumin Chicken Skewers.
It is not the just the prices that will surprise you during the ‘Happy Hours’ The super chefs at onyx have whipped up several innovative dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. One such dish is the Cumin Chicken Skewers. It is aromatic, crunchy and subtly spicy and only costs 199 per plate.

Ghee roast chicken pizza
Trust the prodigal chefs at onyx to infuse local cuisine into an Italian staple! The Ghee Roast Chicken Pizza which usually costs 379 in the regular menu, costs a mere 279 in the special menu. In the foodie parlance, this is what we call the great meltdown.

They are in no hurry if you aren’t. Their special menu is here to stay. Avail it any day between Monday to Friday from 12 P.M to 6 P.M

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