This Is What Happens To The Plastic Which is Dumped At Pacchanady: Check Out

This Is What Happens To The Plastic Which is Dumped At Pacchanady: Check Out

February 10: The waste from the city is sent to Pacchanady dumping yard which is situated on the outskirts of Mangalore on daily basis. About 27 tonnes of plastic waste that reaches Pacchanady dumping yard, is segregated daily and used for various forms of recycling.

MCC Environment Engineer Madhu S Manohar said that already, 100 tonnes of bailed plastic PET bottles have been shipped to the Netherlands from Pacchanady site.
Imran, an entrepreneur, has installed shredder machine, bailing unit and melting machines to recycle the plastic waste that reaches the dumping yard. As many as 36 workers are engaged in segregate various types of plastic that gets dumped at the site. All the collected PET bottles are fed into the bailing unit, that compresses the volume of the bottles which will then be sent to recycling units. Other plastic materials are melted to prepare pellets and then to lumps and are sent to recycling units at Gujarat.
MCC Commissioner Ajith Kumar Hegde Shanady said that about 27 tonnes of plastic entering the landfill site has been reduced after installation of the unit.
On an average, the unit daily segregates dry wastes like 2,848 kg of PET bottles, 3,918 kg of paper/cardboard/office paper, 1,812 kg of plastic packing bag/cement bag, 2,716 kg of article plastic waste, 1,932 kg of bottles, 860 kg of coconut shells, 1,142 kg of oil packets, 865 kg of tyre and rubber items and 100 kg of metal items.

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