This Mitaayi Mela at Vertex Lounge in Mangalore Will Tickle The Taste Buds of Sweets Lovers

This Mitaayi Mela at Vertex Lounge in Mangalore Will Tickle The Taste Buds of Sweets Lovers

Mitaayi Mela: A celebration of India’s diverse culinary heritage.

Prepare your taste buds for a journey that will take you from the streets of Delhi through the hills of Karnataka, to the heart of Bengal..

This September, Vertex Lounge is all set to turn the city into a haven of sugary delights as it hosts the eagerly anticipated ‘Mitaayi Mela’ from September 15th to October 2nd.


The star attraction of ‘Mitaayi Mela’ is undoubtedly ‘Sri Sweets,’ who will be bringing a diverse and tempting array of sweets that represent various regions of India. From the syrupy goodness of Bengali sweets to the rich flavours of Delhi’s confections, and the traditional Karnataka sweets that evoke nostalgia, Sri Sweets is all set to provide a grand tour of India’s sweet heritage.

For those who savor innovation, Sri Sweets & Hangyo has something special in store – an assortment of flavored modaks and modak icecreams that will leave your palate yearning for more. Whether it’s the essence of dryfruits or the zest of saffron, these modaks promise an explosion of flavors. Sri Sweets will also showcase an impressive lineup of milk-based sweets, each crafted with love and precision.

Adding to the sweetness overload is ‘Namma Kitchen,’ from Healtheefeast  a local gem that’s venturing into the world of North Karnataka sweets.

But that’s not all, ‘Katpadi Ghee Halwa’ is coming up with a wide variety of Pure Ghee Halwa, Nendrabale Banana halwa, Guava halwa, Dates halwa & Dry fruits halwa

And it doesn’t end there! ‘Swagath Street’ is all set to surprise and delight with their fusion creations. If you’re in the mood for something unconventional, they will be serving up a variety of fruity and sweet dosas, blending the flavours of South India with an innovative twist. Additionally, they will be offering a selection of Mangalorean special sweets, like carrot halwa with icecream, kaashi halwa, gulab jamoon, Haygriva, Halbai and much more…

So, mark your calendars, and come join in this grand celebration of sweets, culture, and togetherness from September 15th to October 2nd at Vertex Lounge.

Mitaayi Mela promises to be an unforgettable experience for all lovers of the sweet life. Don’t miss out on this delightful opportunity to savour the essence of India, one sweet at a time.

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