Unbelievable! This place in Mangalore serves over 15 dishes @Rs.69/-

Unbelievable! This place in Mangalore serves over 15 dishes @Rs.69/-

April 10: Now you don’t have to wait for the festival of Onam to enjoy its delicacies because at The Steak Palace the traditional Sadya is served year long in all its grandeur. You can expect 15 of the dishes listed below to be served on a nice banana leaf for an authentic kerala banquet experience.

1. Pappadam
Rice flour paapads have always been a favourite part of  every South Indian meal. Paapadams give the element of crisp to the Sadya.
2. Uppu 
It’s a tradition to serve a teaspoon of salt to the guest as a mark of respect for his taste.
3. Mango pickle
Tiny pieces of raw mango is marinated in a pungent mélange of spice for weeks before its ready to be savoured. Mango pickle is a way to excite your palate and get your senses ready for an array of flavours that is to follow.
4. Kondattoms 
They are dried vegetables that are then fried and served hot with a serving of rice. They can be made of range of vegetables, raw fruits, tubers, roots etc. Salted and dried chillies are popular among them all. They have a light golden brown colour which on frying turns a dark brown
5. Inchi Curry
Inchi curry sports strong flavours of ginger, tamarind and jaggery. It is a quintessential part of the Kerala Sadya.
6. Kaalan
A signature dish of the Kerala Sadya is the Kaalan. It is made with yogurt, yam, raw banana or even grated coconut.
7. Kichadi
It is a dish that can be easily manipulated according to your taste. Your favourite vegetable cooked and then mixed into a bowl of curd and seasoned with a myriad of spices. This dish will have you licking your fingers.
You could say that Theeyal is a cousin of the traditional Sambhar. It is made from a mixture of spices and condiments. Roasted coconut, coriander seeds, dried red chili and fenugreek all ground into a fine paste is cooked in tamarind water with the freshest vegetables.
9. Olan
Ash gourd and red beans simmered in a pot of authentic hand-pressed coconut milk imparts a rich nutty taste to this dish. It is an indispensible part of the Sadya.
Banana chips! The iconic snack that Kerala is world famous for. A handful of Upperi is served at the very beginning of the Sadya. The Steak Palace has access to the best Upperi in the world. You are sure to ask for a second helping.
11. Avial
Vegetables like gerkins, gourds, roots are chopped and sautéed with grated coconut with a dash of coconut oil and milk. It is a dry dish that goes well with the rest of the sadya at The Steak Palace.
12. Chor
Steaming unrefined red rice is revered as Chor by the Keralites. It is a rich source of starch and carbohydrates that make for a sumptuous meal.
13. Sambhar
An essential dish of Sadya, The Steak Palace makes a gourmet version of this simple dish by adding in the choicest of vegetables and then garnishing it with aromatic fried chillies.
14. Parripu payasam and Semiya payasam
A sweet dish that is made by cooking moong dal or vermicelli with milk and jaggery. It is cooked until it attains a thick consistency so that every spoon of payasam can be savoured for longer.
The Steak Palace servers a total of 15 dishes as part of the Sadya. You might think that such an elaborate meal will cost you a bomb but all this is brought to your table at just rupees 69/-. Plan a visit to The Steak Palace this weekend and enjoy a night of food and flavour.
Article by Sanjana Rao.

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