Vehicle Owners furious over this New Tax during Vehicle Registration.

Vehicle Owners furious over this New Tax during Vehicle Registration.

People who now buy new vehicles must be ready to pay this new tax during the registration of their vehicle. The Government has begun collecting a  certain amount in the form of road safety tax apart from the other taxes which are already being collected during registration.

The State Legislature has passed a karnataka road Safety authority bill in November 2017 that tax not costing less than rs 1000 per vehicle has to be collected during the time of registration. This tax has been introduced on march 6 across all the RTOs in the State.  This one time collected amount will be subsequently remitted to the State road safety fund.

A circular has been issued to all the RTOs by the Government that new two wheelers & Three wheelers are supposed to pay tax of Rs 500 while other light vehicles like four wheelers are supposed to pay a tax of Rs 1000 at the time of registration.

While the new vehicle owners have been questioning the reason behind collecting this tax, the Government has maintained the money collected & will be utilized for road safety awareness programmes, trauma care care programmes, purchase equipment related to rod safety and to also take care of the administrative expenses of the authority.

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