Youth of GSB sends a Legal Notice to Mumbai Mirror! Click to Know Why

Youth of GSB sends a Legal Notice to Mumbai Mirror! Click to Know Why

A report published in the Mumbai Mirror newspaper has hurt the sentiments of Gowda Saraswat Brahmin (GSB) community, Secretary of the Youth of GSB forum has sent a legal notice through a lawyer to the publication demanding the copy of such proof of authority/basis of the custom of offering mutton vade to indulge the goddess’ cravings for spicy non-veg food during “Gauri Pooja’ within 10 days of receipt of the legal notice. Legal notice to the publication was sent on September 24, 2019 a press release stated.
On September 1, 2019, a column called “Cooking for Mother Goddess” appeared in the Mumbai Mirror. It is written that the GSB community of Maharashtra offer mutton dish to Devi during the Gauri puja on the sixth day of Ganeshotsav. This is pure misinformation, and the GSB community does not in any case offer mutton. However, GSB Community follows Sathwika food habits.

Article mentioning ‘the dish of mutton being offered to the deity’ is not only a shock to the whole society but also has hurt the sentiments of the whole GSB community. People of GSB society, living in the Konkan region of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, have achieved remarkable achievements in their fields of science, commerce and art. It is obvious, however, that Mumbai Mirror in it’s article has referred to the meat-eating tradition that has never existed in the GSB society in terms of poor publicity and defaming the community at large.
Youth of GSB in its notice has called upon to provide copy of such proof of authority or otherwise publish unconditional apology for published defamatory article within 15 days of the receipt of this notice, a notice was sent to the editor, publisher, columnist and residential editor of the Mumbai Mirror, through Youth of GSB Advocates. Youth of GSB forum has also warned to fight a legal battle in coming days if Mumbai Mirror fails to provide the proof of authority with 15 days.

Legal proceeding done by Youth of GSB Advocate Kiran Rao M

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