Corona Free Environment: Team From The Cleaners Homemaid Cleaned Public Spots In Mangalore

Corona Free Environment: Team From The Cleaners Homemaid Cleaned Public Spots In Mangalore

March 15: Coronavirus has become a major threat to the public in the past few days, especially for Alders & the kids as their immune system will be weak. The state government has also declared holidays to schools and colleges, and has called for all malls, pubs, cinema theatres to shut down for a week.
While the fear of coronavirus is in the minds of people, there are some who still have to travel for work on public transport. To assure safety to such people a from The Cleaners Homemaid decided to show their responsibility towards the society.
The Team from Cleaners Homemaid took off from their work and cleaned several public spots and also ensures the that the public transport is clean and safe for the citizens to travel.

The Cleaners Homemaid is a Startup which is involved in Cleaning services from part 2.5 years. They have so far cleaned several houses, office premises, government building and have created a great image in the minds of Mangaloreans.
The team visited state bank bus stand and cleaned around 120 buses by spraying/cleaning the glasses and rods. The team also visited KSRTC bus stand, cleaned around 50 buses along with office cabins.
Not only this, the team Cleaners Homemaid also visited Kadri park and made sure the place is safe for public use. They cleaned the kids play area, area meant for workout along with the equipments.
While speaking to Mr Rabeez, the MD of Cleaners Homemaid, he said that lot of people depend on public transport, especially buses to travel for work or any important location, but the coronavirus has created a fear in the minds of people while travelling. Mr Rabeez said that to ensure safety in these places, his team took off from their work and help the public. Buses were cleaned by spraying disinfectants. Apart from this, Kadri park, where the kids and elders prefer going for a relaxing time was also considered for cleaning, Rabeez added.
This social gesture by Rabeez and his team from cleaners homemaid has won the hearts of people. The team took off from their work to ensure the public transport is safe for the passengers. This move by the team has gained appreciation from the citizens. Hatsoff to the team from Cleaners Homemaid for this social cause and we at Mangalorecity wish them all the very best.
If you want your home/office to be clean, you can contact them on this number : 9108444692

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